“Simply put, we are the world’s leading authority on dry calcium chloride packaging and distribution.”

History of Cal-Chlor

Since its inception more than three decades ago, Cal-Chlor has experienced exceptional growth by aligning with major service companies serving the U.S. and international markets. Our overall growth strategy is continuously evolving around around our core fundamental principal of “specializing” commodity based business — and no other company in the world has achieved the success.

Cal-Chlor Corporation is founded

Cal-Chlor Corporation is founded in Opelousas, Louisiana by Owner and Chairman Mark Hanna

Facilities and Partnerships

Updated from a warehouse for calcium chloride products to a full-line repackaging facility serving the oil and gas industry


Partnered with Dow Chemical as their exclusive supplier of calcium chloride and worldwide marketing arm for the oil and gas industry

Expanding Capabilities

Grinding capabilities are added to the Opelousas facility to produce calcium chloride powder (Cal-Chlor 94-97% is now one of our major product lines)

Acquisitions and Expansion

Cal-Chlor acquires a repackaging operation in Ludington, Michigan and invests millions of dollars to upgrade the facility

A Third Location

Cal-Chlor’s third location, another repackaging facility was constructed in Piscataway, New Jersey


This facility is used exclusively for contract ice and snow-related blending and packaging

Strong Relationships

Dow Chemical sells its calcium chloride business to Occidental Chemical


Cal-Chlor continues to have a strong business relationship as their contract packaging customer and supplier of calcium-chloride related products

Continued Growth

Cal-Chlor continues to experience exceptional growth throughout the United States and into international markets

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