Agriculture and Brining

Solutions made from Briners Choice Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Pellets can be used in pre- and post-harvest treatments of fruits and vegetables to maintain firmness, reduce decay, and prevent certain diseases. Frozen food applications may use Briners Choice solutions as a secondary refrigerant or immersion freezing fluid. Briners Choice also can be used as a deicer in and around freezers, lockers, and storage areas.

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Concrete Acceleration

Calcium chloride can be used for accelerating cement hydration and reducing set time for concrete applications, particularly in cold weather.

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Oil Rig Crane

Drilling Fluid Additive

Onshore and offshore oil and gas producers use calcium chloride as an additive for drilling, workover, and completion fluid systems.

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Pickle Processing

Food Processing

Calcium chloride is used as a food additive and in food processing to extend the shelf life of a variety of food products while maintaining desirable texture and flavor properties.

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Oil And Gas

Hydrocarbon Dehydration and Commercial Dehumidification

Calcium chloride’s hygroscopic properties make it an effective desiccant for the removal of water from gas and liquid hydrocarbon streams and in domestic and commercial dehumidification applications.

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Paint Production

Industrial Applications

Calcium chloride is used as a raw material in several industrial and manfacturing operations, including paint production, paper production, metallurgy, synthetic rubber manufacturing ,water treatment, tire weighting and as a refrigeration aid.

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Road Maintenance and Dust Control

Calcium chloride can suppress dust on unpaved roads and is used in road base stabilization and reclamation of paved roads.

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