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The world’s leading authority on dry calcium chloride.

Cal-Chlor was founded in Opelousas, Louisiana in 1982 by owner and CEO Mark Hanna. Although originally a warehouse facility for calcium chloride products, the company quickly diversified by adding full-line repackaging capabilities in 1983 and has been growing and evolving ever since.

As the world’s leading authority on dry calcium chloride, Cal-Chlor Corporation can provide your business with superior products, versatile packaging services, and worldwide delivery to meet your unique needs quickly and efficiently.

Primarily serving the oil and gas industry, Cal-Chlor offers calcium chloride products ranging from pellets to powder and liquid. Through our partnership with OxyChem (Occidental Chemical Corporation), we have access to the highest quality calcium chloride products on the market.

Cal-Chlor’s services include customized packaging, labeling, palletizing, loading, comprehensive logistics planning, transportation, and worldwide delivery. We’re here to provide your business with safe, reliable delivery of products wherever and whenever you need them.

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