As the global leader in the packaging and distribution of calcium chloride products, Cal-Chlor delivers a range of products that is unsurpassed.

We encourage our clients to explore the Compound Summary entry for Calcium chloride available through the National Library of Medicine’s National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). This resource offers detailed insights into the properties, uses, and safety considerations associated with Calcium chloride, empowering our customers to make informed decisions about their product requirements and applications

From pellets to powder or liquid – we have the products you need and the capabilities to deliver them throughout the United States and across the world. Unlike many of our competitors, we can produce quantities of products on an as-needed basis, rather than offering only set quantities. As a result, we can handle orders of virtually any size quickly and efficiently. We can also deliver products in whatever containers you need, and the strategic locations of our facilities make it possible to cost-effectively deliver products to the point of consumption.


94%–97% Mini-Pellets

Primarily used in industrial applications


94%–97% Powder

Used for concrete acceleration, drilling fluid additive, dust control


Briners Choice

Used in solution form for various food applications


83%–87% Flakes

Used for concrete acceleration, ice melting, dust control, road base stabilization


Food Grade Pellets

Intended for use as a direct food additive


Peladow DG

Recommended for hydrocarbon dehydrating


WellCal Clear Brine Fluid

Recommended as a drilling fluid additive in oilfield applications